A whole house remodel with new kitchen, bathrooms, front elevation and roofline

Menlo Park Craftsman Addition/Remodel

The most satisfying remodels are those that address the deficiencies of an older structure while retaining the value of its original construction.

Kay’s existing home had a beautiful site, but the structure on it was dark, gloomy, and had low ceilings and an entire ground floor of subpar living area. On top of that, the house was nearly 6″ out of level in an area known for its soil instability.

First addressing the structural deficiencies with a wholesale foundation repair that also created more ground floor ceiling height, our design addressed all of the myriad problems of the existing structure while working in the Owner’s preferred aesthetic style. The result is a renovation whose quality rivals that of new construction, and of which both we and our client are extremely proud.


  • Scope of work:¬†Whole house remodel of 2 story house using existing footprint in the Sharon Heights neighborhood. Partial foundation upgrade, complete systems replacement. New kitchen, new bathrooms, new front elevation and roofline.
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Project Cost:¬† $500,001 – $750,000
  • Location: Menlo Park, CA


Photography by Mark Pinkerton, VI360 Photography


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