Update of an existing mid-century modern home design provides more space, light, and curb appeal

Campbell Mid-Century Remodel/Addition

As the Bay Area housing stock ages, today’s young homebuyers often find their dream home “wish list” completely at odds with the constraints opposed by an existing structure, and for that reason often opt for an easier/more cost effective tear-down and all-new house instead of a more intricate remodel/addition.

Not so with our clients Jonathan and Melinda, who purchased their mid-century Campbell ranch-style house with every intention of enhancing and building off its modernist glory.

Strangely enough, their modernist house really only strutted its stuff at the back of the house, owing to a badly placed and poorly designed front carport conversion to living area. By replacing this defunct addition with a light-filled volume topped with an offset gable, our proposal instantly transforms these subpar rooms into spaces worthy of the existing original home, while creating a well-defined entry court and better curb appeal in keeping with the home’s origins.

When complete, this project will not only add needed square footage and additional rooms for the active young family, but will also enhance an existing architectural gem that had been insensitively cared for.


  • Scope of Work: 930 s.f. front and rear addition to an existing 2,341 s.f. house, plus a whole house remodel.
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Project Cost: $750,000 – $1,000,000
  • Location: Campbell, CA


Photography by Mark Pinkerton, VI360 Photography


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